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Warsaw Stag Do Ideas: 5-a-side + Football Pub + Craft Beer (Episode 2)

99 amazing stags scenarios (episode 2)

Warsaw Stag Do Ideas – 99 amazing stags for just 99 PLN/day (Episode 2)

Here’s another Warsaw amazing stag scenario! And this time it’s based on two primal manly things: football and beer.

Daytime activity: PLAY 5-A-SIDE FOOTBALL with your Lads in Warsaw

Starting in the early afternoon we’re heading to a sports hall or an outdoor venue to play 5-a-side. Activity is much needed at this time of the day (when away on a stag weekend). Either way, it helps cure the hangover by sweating out last night’s booze, or to boost your energy levels and prepare for latter party action! And let’s face it – who doesn’t like a proper game?

The game can be organized both inside and outside, so the weather does not count. There’s a vast selection of sports halls with parquet or artificial grass playing surfaces. Also, you can play on a popular Polish “Orlik” which is nothing else but an outdoor footy pitch with natural or artificial grass. Depending on the number of participants (or your stamina) you can play small or larger goals. Just let us know your preferences and we’ll choose a suitable ground.

Drinking: LEGENDS BAR – the most British bar in Warsaw

After such tremendous effort, all you lads naturally deserve a nice, cold beverage. And we know a place in Warsaw where you can get a decent one. But we cannot forget that it’s matchday not only for you, but for your favourite team as well! Fortunately the place we’re talking about has all it takes to sit back and enjoy football on one of its multiple big screens. This place is called Legends and it does have potential to become legendary!

Legends is often referred to as the most British bar in Warsaw. Graham, a scouser, a football nut and the owner of the place would probably agree. He makes sure his guests don’t miss a single game of no-matter-which sport British care about. We care about the booking, you care about choosing your selection of Polish, British or other beers, which is not as easy as you think as the bar offers quite a variety!

Drinking/Dining: CUDA NA KIJU – craft beer revolution in Poland/Warsaw

However, if – for some reason – you won’t feel beer-ly satisfied, there’s another point of the day (or, uhm, night already) we will take you to. If you read our BeeR-evolution in Warsaw article, you probably know that there are many more places in Warsaw with extremely rich beer menu. For this scenario, we chose a place called: Cuda na Kiju (translated: Miracles on a Stick) which is a multitap with wide glass doors opened to the nearby street. You might take advantage of 16(!) taps this premise offers. We will stop here and leave you craving for more information, some of which you may get by checking out their Facebook page here:

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