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How to get from Warsaw Modlin airport to city center?

Warsaw Travel Guide | Posted

How to get from Warsaw Modlin airport to city center?

There are several means of transport from Modlin Airport to the city center. We have gathered them all in one place, each one has been tested and we are now proud to present you with our recommended options for your way from Modlin Airport to Warsaw.

1. Order a cheap taxi:

We have carefully chosen best deals on your taxi Warsaw Modlin Airport transfer, here they are:

Number One Taxi –
Night Rider –
Eko Cab Taxi –
Uber Warsaw –

The worst thing you can do is to take the first cab you see when exiting the airport lounge. These are usually the most expensive and you may not be sure if the driver is not intending to rip you off just because you cannot speak Polish and don’t know any whereabouts. The above companies offer the lowest fares in the city and still would be available after phone booking. P.S. Uber is pretty popular in Poland, so you may find it the easiest way to travel around (and a budget option, as well)

2. Rent a party bus shuttle!

By far, the most wicked transportation in the city!

You can start out loud with taking a party bus instead of a taxi from the airport! While trying to break through the traffic on your way to the hotel, why can’t you already enjoy some relaxing drinks or even look at some strip show? Party bus will guarantee that your weekends starts with a wicked blast!

3. Order an exclusive bus shuttle(please send us an inquiry!)

We can set up your airport transport by booking a private bus to get you comfortably to your destination. The bus may also be available for other excursions during your stay in the city. Please let us know what would be the most suitable option for you, or simply, where would you like to go and how many of you guys are there, and we will take care of the logistics.

4. Modlin Airport shuttle:

Airport’s official shuttle line (click the link below):
Warsaw – Warsaw-Modlin Airport line

At least it’s a fixed price and standard and you can get the timetable by clicking the link above.

5. Take a train:


For those who would like to enjoy a little bit more of landscape views, a train would be a nice option. Please bear in mind that you might wait a while until the next one arrives, though.

If you’re having trouble finding best option for you, please let me know – I will be more than happy to help you!