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Warsaw – Here I come!

Warsaw Travel Guide | Posted

The Banana has landed and is about to reveal his mission!

It’s Friday night and I have just spent the last 14 hours huddling in a tight row of passenger seats of a chartered jet flying from the Republic of Banana straight to Warsaw. I must admit I am totally wrecked but at the same time happy – as it is time for a little revolution! Goal = Warsaw, and more specifically – the local stag party market. The aim is quite simple – this is going to be the best portal linking far the most outrageous ideas for stag do activities in Warsaw. What would be linking all these activities can be described by just two words – quality and uniqueness. We will keep offering these attractions as long as you keep rating them high on tripadvisor. Moreover, each one will be very unique – I bet you haven’t heard of a few yet. If any of these attractions make it mainstream – this will only prove the good job our team did in research and marketing.

We won’t forget, however, about the ‘good old classic ideas’ – for those bound with tradition. Every time we will introduce a new attraction (such as paintall, etc.) – before that our crew will perform on-site comprehensive tests in order to choose the best available provider that will live up to our high-quality requirements. You will even be able to see ‘behind the scenes’ videos of casting the best attraction on Facebook and Youtube and there will also be a timer making the countdown till he final hour (the hour when we hand you a brand new attraction) at the very top of our homepage.

What else can you find on my site?

In my free time, along with the crew, we will be working on a unique Warsaw guide – it’s first teaser video will soon be available on our Youtube channel. A wicked series of more than a dozen will pave the way to places in Warsaw only few heard of. Containing lots of tips & tricks on how to travel on a budget and still enjoy the greatest time of your lives.

Also, we are going to prepare a blast – list of 100 best ideas to spend a wicked stag party in Warsaw with a budget of only 99 PLN per person! It will come in episodes – 1 per week. This project is also about to be launched very shortly.